Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orphan Sunday - November 2012 - One day. One voice. One purpose.

November is International adoption month and we want to see churches all across Canada joining together in support of Orphan Sunday. Christian Alliance for Orphans, has been a huge advocate for Orphan Sunday and provides many resources and materials to help your church develop your own Orphan Sunday. We have provided some helpful links and resources that are Canadian focused, that you can use. Feel free to incorporate your own ideas or let us know of any way in which we can support or assist you.

Each event is locally-led and can consist of sermons, small groups, concerts, prayer gatherings, shared meals, youth activities, or any combination. Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to awaken your church, community and friends to God’s call to care for the orphan. Many churches and organizations have hosted “Orphan Sundays” over the years and inspired believers to ask what they can do to serve children without families.

Below, you will find a list of helpful resources that your church could use in bringing awareness to the orphan crisis. Perhaps your church would be willing to host an Orphan Sunday, have a special message or host an awareness night/fundraiser for adoption grants or an orphanage.

Choose a date in November, begin planning, and let us know! Visit ABBA Canada Foundation for more information and resources, added weekly. They have a listing of all churches/organizations participating in Orphan Sunday (can be any date in November) all across Canada!

Email if you are interested in hosting an Orphan Sunday and we will help you get started and post it on our website.

Click here to see a list of churches hosting an Orphan Sunday

Click here for Prayer Guides.

Click here for Orphan Sunday Videos.

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