Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our new baby girl and a renewed passion for the orphan.....

Some exciting news at the Hull house, we just welcomed our first child into the world! This also explains the absence of blog posts over the past month, as it was quite a journey! However, she is safely home and we are learning how to be parents, which easier said than done, for those of you who know!

During this whole experience, I had a deeper revelation of adoption. You could say I experienced the call and importance of caring for the orphan at a whole new level in a few different ways. For those of you who are parents, you know that something unexplainable happens when you realize that God has just entrusted you with a life, a soul, a child and you are responsible and at the same time blessed to carry that responsibility. In that moment, you experience a deep love for this new child that can’t be explained. You have a strong sense of wanting to provide for, protect and care for this child. I felt so deep in my soul that this child deserves to have the best chance at life, to be protected, to be loved, to be wanted and accepted. I couldn’t imagine anything less for this precious gift from God. My heart was broken in a whole new way for every child that doesn’t have someone to feel this for them.

At the moment of her birth, our little girl was struggling to breathe. There was no family time alone in the room just after, as we had envisioned. Instead, Addison along with a very concerned dad were rushed off to the NICU where a team of nurses frantically worked on her, inside her incubator. You can imagine the feeling of watching this, powerless, being unsure if this was a life or death matter, etc. Throughout the night I stood watching, through the glass of the incubator, a little girl, a precious life, that I had grown to love so much in only a few hours, fight for every breathe. She flailed her arms and legs at times and it broke my heart to see her lying there, with no one to hold her. As far as she knew, she was fighting alone inside a glass box. She just looked so alone. I couldn’t touch her or hold her. I wanted her to know it would be ok and that she had so many people just outside that loved her so much. It was in that moment, there in the NICU, that my mind started to picture the babies around the world, with no one on the other side of that glass incubator. I started to picture babies, fighting for their lives, with no one to hold them after. I saw those same helpless babies, only they really were alone. The aloneness that I saw in my baby girl that night, was a reality for millions. It broke my heart at a whole new level.

How can any baby start life like that? How can they start so alone and then continue through their years alone? How can any child who has only known the aloneness that I saw that night, have any chance at feeling accepted in life? I experienced a renewed sense of passion and calling for what we are called to do. I felt a piece of God’s heart for the orphan. Why are there so many references in the bible to caring for the orphan? Could it be that God looks down on each child, in their aloneness, and feels what I felt that night, but a thousand times more? When God gave us our instruction book for life, the Bible, did He continue to remind us throughout the pages to “care for the orphan” because it’s something that just can’t be overlooked? It’s just that important to Him. Every child needs to know the love that our baby girl felt when she finally came out of the NICU.  Children need families. It’s why this ministry exists. Did this touch your heart? Would you take a minute and invest into a family’s adoption. Would you help bring a child home to a loving family? Any amount helps, but please pray about what God would have you invest in the life of a precious child. Donate Here.

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