Monday, March 7, 2011

Righteous anger!

We just finished a meeting with our team and we are encouraged about the direction things are going! We are moving ahead and it feels like we are making progress towards the goal of seeing waiting children come into their forever families. Earlier this week we read some discouraging things about the world state of adoption. There seems to be increasing roadblocks for families trying to adopt and the children that are so desperate for a family and someone to care for them. It’s hard not to become angry when you hear stories of children suffering and dying for lack of a family, families that want to adopt and then governments or individuals standing in the way and stopping the two from coming together. We must remember that God is bigger than these challenges and it is His heart’s desire to see waiting children in loving homes. We must continue to pray for these things and “rally the troops” to answer the call to action. Will you help us raise the alarm and pray?

Our friend Jason Kovacs from ABBA Fund in the US ( posted an article this week about the state of international adoption. Here is a little sampling of it:

“International adoption is under siege, with the number of children placed dropping each of the last several years, and many countries imposing severe new restrictions. Key forces mounting the attack claim the child human rights mantle, arguing that such adoption denies heritage rights, and often involves abusive practices. Many nations assert rights to hold onto the children born within their borders, and others support these demands citing subsidiarity principles. But children’s most basic human rights are to grow up in the families that will often be found only in international adoption. These rights should trump any conflicting state sovereignty claims.”

It appears obvious that the rights of the child are being “advocated for”, but really are the last thing actually considered. Those involved are more concerned about ensuring “heritage” is preserved or a country keeps those born there, than actually giving a child a chance for a loving family or a future. We know that human trafficking is major problem in our world today, but Jason followed the article with this interesting quote: “To say international adoption leads to human trafficking and should be stopped is like saying marriage leads to spousal abuse and should be ended.”

Again, we must come back to the fact that God is bigger than the forces that try to block what He is doing on the earth. It is healthy to feel anger well up inside over issues like this. However, the proper response is not hatred and anger at those involved, but rather turning towards God in prayer and asking what our part would be to take action and make a difference. What will your part be?


  1. I totally is so hard to adopt kids here for that very reason!

  2. Thanks Kris and Tamara. This is really good stuff. Thanks for challenging us to think of those we don't see, and to hear those who don't have a voice. I'll keep up with you guys (do you have an rss feed?)