Sunday, March 20, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town on behalf of the orphan!

We are excited to let everyone know about a concert and conference coming up on Friday, April 8, 2011. Steven Curtis Chapman is coming to town with the “End the Wait Tour.” Steven Curtis Chapman has a ministry called Show Hope which was the first ministry we first saw that assisted families wanting to adopt. They are also partnered with an orphanage in China. This ministry was such an inspiration to us, as we dreamed about what might be possible in Canada. As we looked at what they do and how they do it, we began to put together the Canadian ministry “Above and Beyond.” The Chapman’s have an amazing heart to see waiting children find “forever families” and the focus of this tour is to raise awareness in 13 cities across Canada about adoption and how the church can be involved in this important mandate from scripture. There is a conference happening in five of the cities and Burnaby will be one of those cities! We are fortunate to have a chance to speak at the conference and we would love as many people as possible to come out and support us on this journey, as well as see what role you and your church could play in the orphan crisis. Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore will also be sharing in a question and answer period during the conference about our response to the needs of orphans. We really hope you’ll join us as we dream about getting Canada excited about what we can do to see the wait ended for millions of precious children! Here is the link if you want to learn more about this event:

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