Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some New Updates

Hi everyone, we're happy to give an update on some new things that are happening and some changes we've made. These are exciting times for the ministry, as things seem to be moving ahead rather quickly and we're getting closer to seeing some things that we've been dreaming about, start to happen.

First, we hope you can join us at the adoption conference and Steven Curtis Chapman concert this Friday, April 8th. The Chapman's are real advocates for the needs of orphans around the world, have adopted three children themselves and started Show Hope, the ministry that we were first inspired by. We have modeled much of Above and Beyond Orphan Ministry after what they have been doing in their ministry. Check out the link for the End the Wait Tour if you want to come and hear more about how you can meet the needs of the orphan. We will be presenting during the afternoon conference session and would love for you to come and hear our heart and vision for the orphan. 

Second, we have a dessert evening coming up on Friday, May 13th at CLA at 7:30pm. This is a free event highlighting how you or your church can get involved in the orphan crisis or perhaps start an orphan ministry at your church. We really need help getting the word out, as this will be a major starting point for connecting with other churches about how we can help them start orphan ministries at their churches. Please help us create awareness about this, thanks!

Third, you may have noticed some changes to the blog format. We are very excited to launch our new Above and Beyond Orphan Ministry website! You can now use the website address when directing people to this ministry. Have a look around as we've begun to build the site. This will be our contact point for families wanting to adopt and people wanting to help. We are also on the brink of being able to receive donations towards adoption grants and no-interest loans, very exciting! Then we'll start seeing some children come into their forever families, the whole purpose of this ministry. 

So please, at this point, awareness is our biggest need! Post our website to your wall on Facebook, tweet us, email about us, tell about us, however you communicate. Help us spread the word. We need churches to hear about what we're doing and come on board to start their own ministries. We need donors to fund the adoption grants and no-interest loans and we need families to know where they can come for help when they want to adopt. Thanks for reading, we appreciate it! 

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