Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Canadian families receive adoption grants!

The first two adoption grants have been dispersed in Canada by ABBA CANADA’s  sister-organization, My Adopting Story. You may be wondering, what’s the difference between My Adopting Story and ABBA CANADA when it comes to giving grants for adoption? It’s kind of like Tim Hortons and Wendys. They both do similar things, are under the same umbrella (share the same store front), but they are two separate organizations with a few differences. Above and Beyond Orphan Ministry is affiliated with ABBA CANADA. We raise our money for adoption grants through ABBA CANADA. A family applying for a grant submits their application to ABBA CANADA and they make the grant decisions and disperse the funds. The money you donate for adoption grants through ABBA CANADA is given to families, based on the family meeting ABBA CANADA’s criteria for a grant. Still confused, send us an email and we’ll clear it up!
Anyhow, we are so excited to share the comments from the two couples that received grants:

You can visit My Adopting Story to read their full stories. The joy in this is that people read their stories, their hearts were touched, they gave towards the adoption process and now two children will leave behind a life of doubt, uncertainty and loneliness and join a forever family that will love them and provide for their needs. It’s exciting and it’s God’s heart for these children! We are excited that we’ve been given the legal clearance to disperse grants as well! The fundraising has begun, donations (tax-receipted) are being accepted and we are accepting applications from families looking to adopt a child into their family. We also want to let you know that when you give to this ministry, there is no administration cost being deducted from your donation. The money you give will be used to provide adoption grants to adopting families. We are currently providing the time and resources needed for administration.

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