Friday, September 7, 2012

Controversy over Pat Robertson’s adoption comments

We tuned into our social media sites tonight to see a flurry of controversy over Pat Robertson’s recent comments about adoption. The comments were distasteful and obviously cause for concern about the attitudes they represent. We’ve read a few posts today responding to the comments, but probably the best was by Jason Cornwell over on the Together for Adoption blog.

Click here to read the full post.

Here are a couple of quotes from his post:

“Dr. Robertson responds to a viewer’s question concerning her 3 adopted children and the men who lose interest in dating her once they find out she has 3 adopted children (thankfully, Dr. Robertson’s co-host stands up for her and calls out the fellas). Dr. Robertson gives them a pass, saying they “didn’t want to take on a United Nations,” and “you don’t know what problems are there.”

“Let me be clear in saying that not everyone is called to adopt, nor should everyone adopt. Adoption is not the only way to engage in orphan care. With that in mind, Dr. Robertson’s comments are troubling to say the least. Dr. Robertson’s comments smack of the notion that children are something of a trophy that makes us look good; that it’s somehow possible to predict how children will “turn out,” adopted or otherwise; that our comforts are to be cherished at all costs. That, my friends, is complete tomfoolery and poppycock in the truest sense of those words. Anyone who’s engaged in any type of orphan care knows that it’s difficult, messy, and scary. Those who say adoption is a fad simply reveal to others that they’ve never really engaged in any type of serious orphan care (but that’s another discussion…I digress).”

“No, Pat Robertson. Orphan care isn’t a friendly game where you get neat little trophies. It’s a Christian mandate that is driven, motivated, and fueled by the effective and loving work of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We enter the suffering of others, because God has entered ours and because He is forming the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, in us. And concerning Adoption, God is absolutely serious.”

Dr. Russell Moore also responded to these comments and his post can be seen here.

In all of this, pray for Pat Robertson, pray for the attitudes of people to change towards adoption and pray especially for the millions around the world that don’t understand all of the politics and debating, but just desire to have a mommy and daddy.

We want to note that after the first part of this post was written, Pat Robertson issued a public apology for his comments. We also want to make it clear that in situations like these, our responses, as followers of Jesus, should never aim to destroy or attack the character of another person. Our aim is not to discredit or attack Pat Robertson. However, when comments are made by a very public figure, misrepresenting God’s heart for adoption, we feel it is important to give a Biblical response. At the end of our last post when we said to pray for Pat, we sincerely mean that. The comments represent a mindset still present in our world and we ask you to pray that people’s hearts would experience a revelation of how God views adoption and the plight of the orphan.

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