Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We want to thank everyone that came to the first ever Together For Adoption Conference Canada. We were so encouraged and excited to be a part of this event! A huge thank you to Focus on the Family, Home For Every Child and all of the volunteers that made it possible. We expected big things for the weekend, but we were blown away with what God did in the hearts of those attending.

We were so encouraged to meet people from all over Canada that are returning to their city to make a difference for the orphan and start something in their church. We had conversations with people that came because they are considering adoption and left wanting to start an orphan ministry in their church!

Please email us with your testimonies from the weekend; we would love to hear them. One of the greatest parts of the weekend for us, was hearing about the move of God that is happening all across Canada in the hearts of His people, to care for the orphan. If you left this weekend, wanting to start something, big or small, in your church, please contact us, for the next steps. We will be following up over the next couple of weeks. We would love to help you get a church page started like Southgate Church or maybe you just want to tell your story in support of adoption and bring awareness to your circle of influence like the Schmidt’s. We can help you get started.

God is drawing together people across Canada that have a heart for the orphan, you have a part to play, don’t miss out!

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