Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It starts with a seed…where it all started, Together for Adoption

For my wife and I, Together for Adoption holds a special place in our hearts. Two and a half years ago, we hopped on a plane to Texas to attend Together for Adoption. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and we didn’t know very much about the orphan care or the adoption world. All we knew is that a seed had been planted in our hearts. For years, I had been an advocate for child sponsorship organizations, because there was a seed planted in my heart to help the world’s most vulnerable children. Tamara had been a children’s pastor for many years, with a seed in her heart to love and care for children. We got married in 2009 and knew God was growing those seeds into a larger thing, but we didn’t know what.
During the first year of our marriage, we couldn’t escape the cry of the orphan. Everywhere we turned, we heard their voice. It got louder and louder and we kept asking, “Lord how do we respond?” Still with no idea, we stumbled upon Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry “Show Hope” and the seed continued to grow. We learned about how they challenged the Church to respond to the cry of the orphan and provided adoption grants to encourage their work within the Church. We got excited and looked for the same in Canada, but couldn’t find it.
Then we heard about the Together for Adoption conference in Texas and, in faith, got on the plane. Together for Adoption watered the seed and planted many more. This conference was exactly what we needed to take that small seed and grow it into a vision. We heard so many stories of people responding to the orphan crisis and creatively meeting the needs of adopting families, we began to dream. Every session we were inspired to make a difference and that aimless wandering towards an unknown vision, started to solidify into a plan of action. We came home with vision, passion and practical strategy to make something happen.
Maybe you just have the seed right now or maybe you just hear the cry of the orphan and don’t know which direction to run. Come this weekend and see where God leads you. You might be surprised at what He’s already put inside of you. Together for Adoption Canada


  1. God Bless you guys! I am so excited for the conference this weekend! I am ready for a seed to sprout!!!

  2. Awesome, we're excited to see you there, come say hi!