Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adopt without debt, is it possible?

While browsing the website for a US organization we are connected with, ABBA FUND, I saw this interesting resource. We have yet to begin our adoption process, however, the title intrigues me. One of the functions of Above and Beyond Orphan Ministry is to help reduce the barriers to adoption; a major one being finances. Is it possible to adopt without debt? The financial burdens of International and private adoption indicate that this would be very difficult, however, this might be worth a read. Here is the blurb from the website about the book:

In 2000, Julie and her husband, Mark, declared war on their debt – credit cards, student loans, cars and the house. Seven years later, as they wrote the check for their last mortgage payment, God called them to adopt two children from Ethiopia. A few months later, with their income unexpectedly cut by two-thirds, they wondered if they could finish the adoption without crossing back over into the red. When they brought Wendemagegn and Beza home 12 months later, Julie and her husband proved debt-free adoption is possible!

Passionate about helping others achieve their adoption dream, Julie shares how to find extra money in your household budget, apply for grants, and fundraise in order to build your family without saddling it with debt. With over $65,000 worth of creative fundraising ideas from more than 25 adoptive families, Adopt Without Debt shows you how to fulfill your adoption dream without signing away your financial freedom.

We have been learning about many creative ideas that people have used to fundraise for their adoption. The word creative seems to be applicable in this ministry. With so many barriers to adoption, we need to get creative to find solutions. God has designed His body creatively and He uses us to spur each other on as we pool our creativity. As we hear others' ideas, it sparks ideas of our own. Check out this book and let us know what you think. Perhaps you'll find some ideas that could work for you or be tailored to fit your situation. Check back as we add ideas we hear about to our Resource page.

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