Monday, June 20, 2011

An Update

It's been a couple of weeks, so we thought you were due for an update! Thank you to all that have been following along through email or reading the blog. We are excited to announce a newsletter will be coming out in July and will continue every three months after that. This will keep you updated on events, what's happening in the ministry and the needs. We are also hoping to highlight other churches that are starting orphan ministries. We have received emails from churches in Manitoba, Victoria, Salmon Arm and locally that are in the beginning stages of starting a ministry! It is obvious that God is working in pockets across Canada to bring hope to the orphan. If you are a church starting a ministry, please keep us updated on your story, how we can pray for you or help out, as we would love to highlight your story. We would ask everyone to pray for these ministries as well. Pray for favour with leadership and their congregations as they navigate, the often challenging, start up process.

On August 6, we are hosting our first adoption information seminar at Southgate Church in Langley! This will be a Saturday filled with information on the adoption process. If you are feeling called to adoption or even just curious and want to learn more, send us an email at for more information or to sign up. This will be a free event, with a small charge to cover lunch.

We are in the planning stages of our first fundraising event. We have heard many suggestions and please feel free to pass on suggestions you have. Or maybe you have something you could offer to our fundraising evening. We'd love to hear from you! There are many aspects to this ministry, but fundraising will be ongoing, as the more we fundraise, the more grants we can distribute to see children come into loving families.

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