Tuesday, November 13, 2012

National Adoption Month is happening!

We have been encouraged by the stories of churches observing and celebrating National Adoption month! Focus on the Family has launched their End the Wait tour. Make sure you get to an event if they are coming to your area. Also, check out the list of churches hosting an Orphan Sunday and see if there is one happening in your area that you could attend.

One of the most beautiful things about working with the churches that are hosting an Orphan Sunday is that the body of Christ is working together to see God's heart revealed through adoption. One of Jesus' last prayers is for the unity of His Church. It is a privilege to work together with believers from many different denominations, all working together, to see children find loving, forever families, where they can be loved and experience the love of God.

Pray for the churches hosting an Orphan Sunday, attend one if you can and pray that the number of churches hosting in Canada, would increase exponentially for next year!

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