Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thanks for an inspiring evening.

Thank you everyone who joined us for the Orphan Awareness night. Our team was so encouraged by the turnout, the feedback and the excitement surrounding what God is doing in Canada! It was great to be in a room full of people that are hearing the call of God to respond to the needs of the orphan and add their voice to the growing movement. We are more and more convinced that God is speaking to people about a common vision for Canada. We had approximately 90 people in attendance, 17 churches represented and a  number of people interested in starting an orphan ministry in their church. We also heard from a number of people that are considering starting the adoption process. Last week, we met with a couple that has started down the road of beginning an adoption ministry in their church. We came away from the meeting so excited that the heart of the couple was to join forces with a network of adoption ministries. We feel so strongly that God’s Kingdom vision is to set our personal agendas aside and work together, in unity, for His purposes. God is connecting us with people from different backgrounds and denominations that have a common desire to see children brought into families and adopted families supported. We have a vision to see a network across Canada of ministries that accomplish this purpose. We want to help churches start ministries and walk with them as they grow. We envision ministries that share insight, wisdom and resources to accomplish a common goal.

This Sunday is a big day for the ministry as we are launching our first Orphan Sunday! This will be the beginning of awareness in Southgate Church about Above and Beyond Orphan Ministry. Our pastor will be sharing about orphan’s from Ephesians and then we will be sharing about the ministry, our team, vision and how the congregation can take part in what God is doing. Please pray for us, that God would speak through us and stir the people’s hearts to compassion and excitement for what He wants to do through this ministry in Southgate.  

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