Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Orphans?

If you have read our first blog entry, you may be wondering....why orphans?  Why has this cause gripped our heart so much?  Here is a snip-it at why God has given us a huge burden for these precious ones...
When we look at the great social issues of this century – poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, child soldiers, and trafficking – there is a common link, the orphan. By stepping in to prevent, delay and rescue orphaned children, we can break these cycles and change more than just the number of orphans.

Today there are estimated over 143 million orphans in the world.Although not all of these children are available for adoption, they are in need of care.  The sad reality for so many orphans is that they are unloved, overlooked and forgotten.
This is a crisis, involving so many who are exceedingly precious to the heart of God.  In response to this need, we feel that God’s call to the church is clear: for believers everywhere to rise up and find creative solutions – saving lives one by one. 
And we are ready to rise up to this challenge!

The Children of the World... current statistics:
In the world today there are 143 million children who have lost one or both parents.  That is almost one half of the population of the United States.

Every 14 seconds an Aids death leaves another child orphaned.

Every year 12 million children become orphans.

87.6 million Orphans live in Asia.

43.4 million Orphans live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

12.4 million Orphans live in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Ukraine and Russia 10%-15% of children who leave orphanages commit suicide before age 18.

There are 30,000 waiting children in Canada, through the Foster Care System.

We believe that the Church is the answer that will change the lives of these children forever. The Bible mentions caring for widows and orphans over forty times. In fact, the Bible says one measure of our faith is whether we care for widows and orphans in their distress (James 1:27). Because God cares for orphans, he wants us to care for them as well.

Churches are the most influential source of care and support. As the distribution center for hope in a community, the local church is best able to identify needs and support interventions for orphaned and vulnerable children in every community.

We are a part of the body of Christ, and God has asked us...what are we doing about this global crisis?  What is our part to play? Perhaps this blog can serve as a challenge to you...

Have you ever thought....what is your part to play?

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